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About Abyat

ABYAT is the biggest retail store in the Middle East. The concept, idea, and trademark was developed 100% locally. Our aim is to provide all the products a home owner, contractor, or company needs in order to build the perfect house with our great selection of products and services. ABYAT is the latest of retail store of its kind in the Middle East.

We offer the best quality and services to our customers. Our products include lighting, tools & hardware, doors and windows, and other products from building materials and special services for building a home or real estate projects. ABYAT is a Kuwait closed shareholder; ABYAT will expand in the Arabian Gulf and Middle East.

In ABYAT, we make shopping a pleasure with a showroom over 20000 sqm. We offer everything your family needs from tiles, unique kitchens, to electrical and high quality plumbing systems and other products and items. Designing your house will be effortless as our store is large in size with high ceilings and an easy layout of our products in each department. And to top all of that, ABYAT offers services to our customers, a playroom for your children while you shop, a prayer room, and over 100 parking spots for ABYAT customers only to make your visit with your family as comfortable and fun as possible!

For more information call: (+965) 1848000


الشيخ/ عبد الله سالم صباح السالم الصباح طارق بدر محمد الميلم
زياد محمد هادي العوضي فريد سعود عبدالعزيز الفوزان
سناء فيصل عبدالرحمن النعمة محمد عبدالعزيز الثوينى
شركة تراث الأجداد العقارية (مجموعة المرزوق) نادر ابل حسن صادق
شركة تو انفست للتجارة العامة والمقاولات (خالد حسن أبل صادق) ياسمين حسن ابل صادق
شركة عبد القادر المهيدب وأولاده
Members of the Board of Directors - Kuwait

خالد حسن أبل صادق رئيس مجلس الادارة
عصام عبد القادر المهيدب نائب الرئيس
صلاح محمد عبد الله الزامل عضو مجلس ادارة
طارق بدر محمد الميلم عضو مجلس ادارة
عصام ماجد المهيدب عضو مجلس ادارة
فيصل عبد العزيز المسلم عضو مجلس ادارة
نواف احمد عبد الوهاب المرزوق عضو مجلس ادارة
Members of the Board of Directors - Saudi Arabia

نواف أحمد المرزوق رئيس مجلس الادارة
صلاح محمد الزامل نائب الرئيس
عبدالله عماد المهيدب عضو مجلس ادارة
ناصر المقيم عضو مجلس ادارة
فيصل عبدالعزيز المسلم عضو مجلس ادارة





Discover the largest selection in products and services
– We make your building more efficient.

We know what it’s all about when building a house. With our huge selection in building materials right up to complete appointments, you can rely on outstanding quality at favourable prices on a sustainable basis. And you can be certain that everything will arrive at your construction site just in time. Save time and money – with ABYAT you simply make it simpler for yourself.

whether young or modern living, abyat offers furniture
and furnishing ideas

We want you to really feel at home in your house. This is why we offer you all current living trends from one source. Discover our varied worlds of adventure with unsuspected product diversity – from furnishing and wallpaper for your living room right up to decoration. Make your house a dream home – at ABYAT you will find everything you need for just that.